Matias J. Cano

Vineyard Manager

Born and bred in Mendoza, or “de pura cepa” as Matias likes to say; his father a respected winemaker of Mendoza and his brother also a viticulturist, Matias has soil in his hands and wine running through his veins. Having studied at the University Nacional de Cuyo renown for Agronomy, Matias has come to know Mendoza soils and especially Agrelo intimately and as such is amongst the most respected viticulturists of Mendoza.

Matias aspired to join Finca Decero for the perfect location at the highest area in Agrelo, for the opportunity to nurture varieties all uniquely suited to the site ranging from Malbec and Cabernet to the less common Tannat and Petit Verdot. Knowing that every single each grape undergoes the highest quality selection to get into any Decero wine, Matias relishes the challenge knowing the care and attention required by him and his team every single day!